Why is the color of the erotic underwear in stockings

Stockings are a common sexy underwear accessories. It has a unique sexy charm and is also a commonly used props in sex games between couples.Different erotic underwear colors and styles can be matched with countless different visual effects with stockings.So, how to choose the color of stockings with sexy underwear?This article will introduce you in detail the color problems of stockings with erotic underwear, and provide some practical suggestions and tips.

1. Black stockings with black color erotic lingerie

Black is one of the most common stockings and sexy underwear. Black stockings are usually matched with black sexy underwear, which can create a classic, mature and tempting sexy style.At the same time, black stockings and sexy underwear can also highlight the body curve of women, which can stimulate male visual impulses in sex games.

Second, red stockings with black color erotic lingerie

Red stockings and black sexy underwear are also a classic matching way.Such a combination can also add some lively and playful elements while not losing mystery and sexy charm, which is very suitable for those who like challenging sex players.

Third, white stockings with white color erotic lingerie

White is a fresh and pure color. White stockings with white sexy underwear of the same color can create a sense of innocence and sexy.At the same time, white stockings and sexy underwear can also help women cover incomplete parts and make the figure look more perfect.

Fourth, meat -colored stockings with pink erotic lingerie

The combination of meat -colored stockings and pink sexy underwear can easily create a light and gentle atmosphere, which is very suitable for women who like romance and charming.If your skin tone is white, you can choose light pink erotic underwear and flesh -colored stockings, so that the effect is better.

5. Purple stockings with purple pornographic underwear

Purple is a mysterious and noble color. It can be matched with the purple erotic underwear of the same color, which can look very tasteful and high -end.If the overall effect is too monotonous, you can choose to add jackets or accessories of other colors to the outer layer to increase some vitality and changes.

6. Golden stockings with gold porn underwear

Gold stockings and golden erotic underwear can create a luxurious and noble feeling, which is very suitable for those women who like to show off.If the overall effect is not too depressed, you can choose to add black or white jackets or accessories to the outer layer.

7. Blue stockings with white color sexy underwear

Blue stockings are relatively cold colors, so pay attention to the combination of the overall color when matching. If it is properly matched, it can show a good uniform temptation effect.White sex underwear is a brighter color. It is matched with blue stockings, which can increase the layering of the entire color and make the overall effect more layered.

8. Green stockings with black sexy underwear

Although green stockings are not the color of the same color system, it can give people a sense of youth and natural feelings with black erotic underwear.If you are afraid that the overall color is too single, you can choose to add a short coat of other colors to the upper body to increase the change of the entire match.

Nine, yellow stockings with pink erotic lingerie

Yellow stockings are relatively bright and bright colors. It is matched with pink and sexy underwear, which can create a bright and vibrant effect.If you want more changes and surprises, you can also choose other colors of sexy underwear and yellow stockings for matching.

10. Transparent stockings with various colors and sexy underwear

Transparent stockings are very versatile. Since it does not have a fixed color itself, it can be matched with sexy underwear of various colors.Transparent stockings can presented women’s body curves very well to strengthen the sexy degree of matching.


Each woman’s figure characteristics and personality are unique. Therefore, when choosing stockings with sexy underwear, you must choose the color and style that suits you according to your own situation.At the same time, we must also pay attention to the overall color matching and the coordination of the overall sense, and try to stir up male sexual desire visually as much as possible.I hope that this article can have some reference and inspiration to your mix in sex games.

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