Wife always buys fun jackets

My wife is always buying fun underwear, why?

You may be like me, there is a wife who always likes to buy sexy underwear.She always bought some sexy underwear involuntarily while shopping or online.So why is my wife always buying sexy underwear?Next, let’s discuss together.

Female psychology of sexy underwear

In fact, there are not a few women who like to wear sexy underwear.They think wearing sexy underwear can make themselves more confident and charming.At the same time, wearing sexy underwear is also a way of self -expression.For some women, buying sexy underwear can even strengthen their intimacy between them and partners.

Enhance self -confidence and shape the perfect figure

We all know that wearing comfortable and confident clothes can make us more confident, and it is the same for women to wear sexy underwear.Sexy underwear suitable for you can effectively shape your perfect figure and enhance self -confidence.Therefore, in order to improve self -confidence, many women choose to buy sexy underwear.

Attract your partner and enhance your feelings

Wearing sexy underwear can not only make women confident, but also increase sexual attractiveness and strengthen the emotional intimacy with partners.Women are usually more delicate in emotional operation.After wearing sexy underwear, it will promote exchanges between the two parties and enhance feelings.

It meets the trend and shows the taste

Nowadays, social trends are changing, making many women feel stressful in dressing.And wearing a fashionable sexy underwear can not only show its own taste, but also keep up with the trend, becoming a fashion representative.

Maintenance of marriage feelings

Studies have shown that women often update underwear can effectively maintain marriage relationships.Sexy underwear has a special effect on the marriage relationship. It can regulate the interaction between husband and wife and make the relationship between husband and wife more harmonious.

Need to wear different styles of underwear on different occasions

Women have various social occasions, such as office, dating, party, and so on.Therefore, they need to wear different styles of underwear on different occasions.Wearing sexy underwear can show the unique charm of women.

Add life interest

Women’s interesting life is largely determined to be in their mood, and wearing sexy underwear can make them feel easier and happy.Women satisfy their inner desire, and men also experience happiness from it, and marriage life has added interest.

Meet your own needs

Women’s cosmetics, like jewelry, are not only a dress, but also a self -satisfaction.Especially in the shopping process, looking for sexy underwear that suits you can also meet psychological needs and enrich your life.


Wife always buying fun underwear is actually a manifestation of women’s self -expression, self -confidence and personalized needs.For men, understanding women’s needs, meeting their psychological needs, and can improve the feelings between husband and wife.True love is based on understanding and trust. I hope that every man can experience this tenderness in love and marriage.

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