Yiwu Interesting Underwear Retail Market

Yiwu Market -Chinese Fun Underwear Original Origin

Yiwu is a heavy town of China’s sexy underwear industry.In this city of Zhejiang Province, almost all sexy underwear suppliers and manufacturers do business.Merchants in other cities also come here to buy goods.Although most of this market is only for wholesale, there are some sexy lingerie retailers.

A variety of sexy underwear

In the Yiwu market, you can find sexy underwear of various styles and materials, from sexy elegance to noble and elegant, from black to white, from color to transparent.There are also various sizes suitable for people of different types, from small to large size and other choices.At the same time, sellers operating in this market can also print their own brand logos and unique design.


Since this market is mainly for wholesale, the price is generally lower than other places.Secondly, due to the strong competition of merchants, the price will be different.Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to good quality and sexy lingerie prices, but they are more durable and are worthy of investment.


Most of the sexy underwear provided by the Yiwu market, but finding a good -looking and fitted underwear in so many choices may be difficult.But do not forget that when different suppliers are providing sexy underwear, there is a huge difference in quality.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, please choose better brands to ensure quality.

Transportation and logistics

In the Yiwu market, the transportation and logistics system is also very developed, because these are all important parts of sexy underwear business.Therefore, in addition to wholesalers, all transport and logistics vendors are also finding their own partners to obtain lower transportation costs.

Dealers and distributors

Many dealers and distributors like to buy sex underwear in the Yiwu market and sell them.These dealers and distributors need to be cautious when choosing suppliers and manufacturers, because the partners they choose will directly affect the profit and loss of their business.

Online sales

In addition to physical stores in the market, many sexy underwear suppliers and manufacturers also sell products on e -commerce platforms.Such online sales channels are already very popular in the market and more popular.If you are not convenient to go to the market, buying online is also a good choice.

Interests of underwear and feminism

The existence of erotic underwear has aroused controversy of many people, and some people think they cater to gender discrimination and oppression of women.However, some people believe that there is no problem choosing to wear fun underwear, which shows that women’s self -choice will have a positive impact on themselves.On this issue, there are already a lot of sexy underwear brands that have been advertised as feminist brands because they strive for women to control their emotions, rather than under the control of male rights.

positive influence

No matter what kind of view you have for sexy underwear, buying sexy underwear in the Yiwu market may have a positive impact on the local and national economy.In addition, there are many small enterprises and families relying on sex underwear business to obtain income.In short, the sexy underwear market is not only a gathering place for consumers, but also a place for businessmen to create wealth.

in conclusion

The Yiwu market is an important production and sales center for Chinese sex lingerie.Here, you can find a variety of sexy underwear suppliers and manufacturers, and the price is relatively cheap.However, don’t forget, quality and selection must be selected.Regardless of your attitude towards erotic underwear, the existence of Yiwu market plays an important role in local and national industries.

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