You need to wear no marks in sexy underwear


The choice of erotic underwear is not only to tease vision, but also increases interest and fun, and increases emotional heating.However, wearing erotic underwear also needs to pay attention to skills. Wear wearing should be appropriate and clean to avoid leaving traces to affect the beauty of the figure.Therefore, choosing suitable sexy underwear with suitable dressing skills is the key to improving charm.

The reason for wearing sex underwear needs to be worn without traces

If you wear a sexy underwear, if you leave a trace, it will not only affect the overall beauty, but also expose the truth of wearing a sexy underwear and affect the sex experience; and some sexy underwear has strong teasing. If the traces are exposed, it will reduce the feeling of teasing.EssenceTherefore, wearing sex underwear needs to wear without traces to avoid explicit traces and affect beauty.

Choose a suitable sexy underwear

Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you is the first step to reduce traces.The style, material and size of sexy underwear will affect the overall effect.It is recommended to choose the sexy underwear that is suitable for your body to avoid excessive tightness; the material can also choose a soft and ergonomic fabric to wear it comfortably;French sexy underwear leaves traces.

Pay attention to chest wear

Women’s erotic underwear generally includes bra, so the wear of the chest is very important.Wearing sexy underwear needs to avoid marks caused by improper changing clothes. You should first adjust the height of the bra to a suitable position, so that the chest is completely covered in the cup, and the extension of the side wings will storage the side meat on the inside of the cup.You can choose a lace steel ring underwear with less obvious marks.

Choose the right bottom pants

Sex underwear bottom pants are also very important. Choosing the right bottom pants can make the traces more obvious.It is recommended to choose sexy but no trace underwear, such as sexy briefs, seamless underwear, thongs, and so on.Avoid too tight pants, so as to avoid curls or traces, and ensure neat and beautiful.

Adjust the underwear to collect

When wearing sexy underwear, the appropriate closing adjustment can not only avoid traces, but also enhance the overall beauty of the hem.The panties are adjusted to a suitable position to avoid excessive or excessive width.The bras of the bra should also be appropriately adjusted to the appropriate position to avoid excessive traces and affect beauty.

Try to avoid bending

During the bending process, the chest will produce natural sagging. At the same time, the underwear will be torn and pulled, which will affect the beauty, and it is likely to leave traces.Therefore, in the state of wearing a sexy underwear, unless you need to perform interesting movements, you should avoid bending.

Adjust sitting and standing posture

Siter and standing position will also affect the wearing effect of underwear.When you sit down, you should leave enough space and your body to avoid excessive compression and affect the aesthetics.When standing posture, you should keep your body straight, so as to reduce the oppression of the underwear on the body and reduce the possibility of leaving traces.

Choose the right sexy underwear color

Choosing the right color can also avoid traces.Black -colored sex underwear is generally the most not obvious, because black erotic underwear can cover the traces well or reduce the skinny effect.Other suitable colors include light tones such as white and skin tone.

Pay attention to the adhesion of the underwear material

Some erotic underwear will be made of high adhesion, which has better tightness and stiff effects.However, this kind of sexy underwear is easy to leave traces on the body.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, it should be considered to avoid the traces of the excessive fastening effect.


Wearing erotic underwear is an important part of the sex experience.Choosing the right underwear style, adjusting the wearable posture, and the selected materials and colors are the key to avoiding traces. Only by achieving the effect of no trace can we truly enhance the fun experience and better show their charm.

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